Our message to you is one of possibilities. The concept of integrative recovery embraces the reality that individuals with complex mental health diagnoses can achieve and sustain high levels of functioning and fulfillment. They can create a sense of belonging and purpose and develop resilience and skills to help them attain success in life.

Mental illness can sometimes make you and your family member feel like you are under water, disconnected from sensation, from your life, from other people.

A successful journey from mental illness to wellness can occur for you and your loved one. You can and will pull yourselves out from the deep.

Our approach is individualized, comprehensive, responsive, and integrated. It extends over time rather than being a ‘quick-fix’. The journey begins with an open dialogue. We are your partner and your guide in this process.

The continuum of mental health care should be a structured array of mental health services; not a constraint, but a springboard. Whatever solutions we put in place should help to restore the freedom and autonomy that is taken by mental illness.

​There are many roads to recovery. Trying to find and navigate the best path is intensely personal and may appear intimidating. Our role is to function as your therapeutic consultant, helping you deal with the emerging, and sometimes persistent, complexity of this journey.

When you partner with Virgil Stucker and Associates, you are helping your loved one achieve his or her highest sense of functioning and fulfillment. Through our extensive and qualified network of professional colleagues and programs, we help you access the best in mental health care and recovery services.