Therapeutic Consulting


 We are therapeutic consultants offering professional expertise, guidance, and support to our clients. We serve as short or long-term advocates and advisors, helping families plan for and achieve sustainable recovery for loved ones in need of care.

Our Services. Our Process.

Because our expertise is in helping you to deal with complex and often entrenched mental health conditions, we know you need more than a ‘quick-fix’ from us. As the saying goes… “this is a marathon, not a sprint”. We begin with a 90 Day Service Agreement which allows us to assess the condition(s) being faced, identify appropriate treatment, manage crises, facilitate admissions and advise on supporting delicate transitions, while simultaneously developing a long-term plan for the family to follow. Sometimes families seek to renew for another 90 days if complications arise, or timeframes get extended. We often find ourselves working with clients from 6 months to even a year or more.

We endorse integrative and person-centered treatment focused on improving functioning and fulfillment for adults with serious mental illness, substance used disorder, and other co-occurring conditions. If you have a loved one who is striving for independence and stability and needs help managing an illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, major depression, major anxiety, autism, co-occurring substance abuse, or other serious mental and emotional difficulties, we can help you find a way forward.

Parents, families, and care givers should not have to shoulder the entire burden of care alone when faced with such complex conditions. Mental illness often coupled with substance use or medication misuse can be long term and even severe. Mental Health treatment is not a user-friendly field of practice and navigating it can be daunting for the unexperienced. You have likely realized there is no true mental health system; we help to assemble a personalized system for your loved one based on their needs and on our extensive experience and knowledge. We know that even the most loving and organized parents need an objective, experienced guide from time to time. Each of our clients receives our full attention and individualized support.

Treatment Placement


Traveling throughout the country touring programs and meeting professionals specializing in adult mental health and/or substance use treatment offers real insight for finding the best placement for our clients. Our consultants have decades of experience in the treatment and behavioral health field with a strong foundation for effective therapeutic consulting and placement. Our team has access to treatment trends and program inner workings along with management and leadership relationships to insure our clients receive the very best care.

Where do we begin?

We begin immediately with an in-depth phone call followed by a discovery period that includes reports and history from family and friends, reaching out to clinical professionals that have been involved in past care, and gathering relevant records, discharge summaries, residential stays and treatment histories.

Finding the right care.

As family forms, clinical narratives, and medical records are reviewed to determine what might be an effective treatment approach for the person in need. We may determine that further clinical evaluation is needed but once we have all we need we start moving toward a treatment plan. At that point, we reach out to programs and determine suitability, admissions availability, verify benefits, cost, and a myriad of other factors for finding the right placement.  Once we’ve done our review and vetted options, we work with you to make informed choices for taking the next step.

Program Placement

As we progress in our mutual understanding of next steps, we facilitate communication with identified treatment programs and help you address any concerns about cost, insurance, or legal matters. The typical outcome of our work together is admission to a therapeutic program that meets the needs of your loved one.

Continuous Support

Throughout the time you are engaged with our services, we are available to you via phone, text, and email to address issues as they arise. We maintina weekly updates with the family and make sure your loved one is ready for progressive levels of care as the process unfolds.

Crisis Management


Those in crisis needing treatment may not be willing to go or accept help. This is where crisis management may be needed. A psychiatric interventionist engages the family in a support role while helping the struggling family member come to terms with needing treatment. This can be a tough process and may involve involuntary commitment as a bridge to proper placement. We facilitate this process and stand with you as a guide and protector in getting your loved one the care they need.



Coordinating step down programming to less intensive levels of care and transitional living may be the most vulnerable step a person takes on their recovery journey. Finding the right program can be daunting and confusing for families with loved ones who need post treatment solutions. We partner with families to identify the best resources for success while keeping the flow of therapeutic care and support going with positive momentum. We help with transitions between care levels finding providers and living environments suited to meeting long-term needs. Let us be your guide in charting the journey to long-term sustainable recovery.

How We Help

Serious mental illness interrupts careers and educational paths, relationships, and future opportunities. We focus on empowering individuals to restore their sense of belonging, purpose, and mastery so that they can achieve and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Whether your family member is 16 or 65, we want to know what their hopes and dreams for the future are. Effective and compassionate treatment can help your family member learn how to manage their mental illness so that they can begin to build their future once again. We help families identify and access treatment options based on the best fit for the person of concern.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Help


They experience a reduced quality of life.
Medications and therapy aren’t working.
Isolation and separation from family and friends.
Difficulty at work or school including sudden loss of job or academic withdrawal.
They’re missing a sense of belonging and purpose.
They insist they do not need help.
Low energy and both poor personal and sleep hygiene.
Significant marriage or relationship issues.
Expresses wishes not to be alive anymore.

Take the Next Step

We recognize that choosing to work with a Therapeutic Consultant is an important decision and we are here to help you and your loved one achieve and sustain your highest levels of functioning and fulfillment. We are ready to walk with you through the phases and decisions to be made over the course of the recovery process. Our Therapeutic Consulting involves an intensive 90-Day agreement involving our devoted attention to your care needs. After clients have participated in this service period, they may become eligible for longer-term case management support

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