Adding a new service level for families who may not need the full 12 hours offered in our standard contract.

Since opening our consulting business two years ago, our core service has been to provide 12 hours of consultation to our families. We help clients during times of crisis and chaos to identify, sort through, and gain admission to appropriate mental health care for a family member.

This core service includes a comprehensive information-gathering and synthesis phase, deep listening with our clients and their family members, and coordinating communication with needed treatment providers. These 12 hours are often spread over 1 – 4 weeks, depending on the urgency and pace demanded by the situation.

Our new service level is designed to help clients in a more timely manner who may not need the full 12 hours but are still seeking trusted guidance in the process. We think this new service may appeal to families who are otherwise awash in Google searches as well as to hospital discharge planners and treatment professionals whose knowledge of options across the continuum of care may be limited.

What is included with this new service level? We conduct the same information gathering and synthesis phase, schedule an in-depth 90-minute phone call (which can be broken into one 60-minute call and one 30-minute call) and then provide contact information for appropriate referrals so that the client can reach out independently and coordinate next steps.

Why add this new service level? Too often families and treatment planning professionals rely on limited knowledge or a simple Google search which does not provide sufficient trusted information, especially when they are facing complex challenges. Virgil Stucker and Associates works with over 70 programs that exist across the continuum of care. We have structured this intensive and timely 90-minute engagement to help you access our advice and facilitate communication with these trusted treatment providers.

What are the fees associated with these service levels?

Timely therapeutic placement advice and facilitation

90 minutes


The client pre-pays for this service, which includes pre-planning intake forms where you share your story with us, a 60-90 minute phone call with Virgil and Stephanie to discuss your situation in-depth, and a detailed follow-up email that includes recommendations and next steps to take. This level of service is most helpful if your family’s situation is urgent but relatively straight-forward.

Standard therapeutic placement advice and facilitation

12 hours


The client pre-pays for this service, which covers 12 hours of focused facilitation, advocacy, coaching, and advising services. This is our most frequently utilized service level. During these 12 hours, we help your family to identify, select, and gain access to the most appropriate options for care. Depending on your unique needs, this could include a range of supports from inpatient hospitalization and assessment to residential treatment, intervention, or transport service coordination.

If a client has paid for and received our first level of service and needs to hire us for the standard 12-hour contract, the $375 will be applied to the $2,500 fee.

Longer-term advocacy and advice

3 months


When our extended services are desired, we become an advocate for the family member in recovery, a monitor of the mental health service option(s) being used, an advisor to the family, and a facilitator of long-term planning. We are available for regularly scheduled meetings with the family, the family member of concern and/or the treatment providers and accessible to you 7-days a week for urgent matters.

* Please note that the fees listed here do not apply to any of our associates listed on our Team page, with whom we have no financial relationship.


Program leadership, organizational, and philanthropic services

We also coach executive directors seeking to thrive while they strengthen their organizations and also consult with creative leaders seeking to develop or expand mental health organizations. Pricing varies per project and client. Contact Virgil to discuss your custom proposal. He has been a director or president for seven organizations and a leader of boards of directors eleven times.

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