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This episode is with Eliza Lanzillo. Eliza is passionate about psychology and is an outspoken advocate for prioritizing mental health on college campuses. In this conversation, she speaks with Stephanie about her own experience with an eating disorder. How it all started for her, what her recovery journey has been like, and more about her current work and how she stays well.

Eliza is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Catholic University, she worked as a research fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health, and for her undergrad degree in psychology, she studied at Brown University in Rhode Island.

During her time at Brown, Eliza served as President of their chapter of Active Minds and served as a student advisor to, a listing of peer-recommended therapists modernizing the therapist search process.

Along with being a PhD student, today Eliza is the Program Director of Advocacy Initiatives for Hynes Recovery Services (HRS), an organization with a mission to support college students while they are in the process of securing treatment for their eating disorder.

Eliza has spoken about university mental health on media outlets including The Wall Street Journal and Dr. Oz, as well as on university campuses nationwide.