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This episode of the Mental Horizons Podcast is with author and therapist, Robert Francis. Robert has been a therapist for over 12 years and recently published a book titled, “On Conquering Schizophrenia: From the Desk of a Therapist and Survivor”.

In his book, Mr. Francis, which is a pen name, details how at the age of 22 after graduating from college he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. This book is a first-person account of Robert’s own recovery and his reflections on what it means to be an effective therapist.

In this episode, Robert talks with Stephanie about what inspired the writing of his book. They also discuss the importance of hope when someone is trying to move on from a major health setback, mental or physical. And lastly, they discuss the leap of faith that one must take in order to move from surviving to thriving.

Below are a few quotes from the book that Stephanie and Robert discuss:

“Amid suffering, hope pools. No one is exempt, however, from its occasional loss. Hope eludes my disposition, at times, but it again reveals and restores. From its stream, I am sustained”.

“I believe it is the combination of astute clinical acumen, along with an authentic human connection, that often heals and consoles”.

“… my psychological shelter and philosophical umbrella entails living the leap of faith…”.

“… this inherited philosophical motto of mine steams like a hot kettle of personal wisdom and pours a tasteful tea of spiritual imbibe”.

As someone who has conquered schizophrenia and then went on to complete an MSW and become a therapist, Robert is uniquely qualified to comment on what it means to build a trusting therapeutic alliance with someone needing support. This conversation will be helpful for anyone experiencing a difficult health struggle as well as anyone supporting someone through a health struggle – be it a parent or therapist. Robert offers the listener many hard-earned nuggets of wisdom.