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This episode is with Sandra Conway Warren. ( Sandra is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and a Disability Representative and an experienced professional with advanced skills and knowledge for helping her clients navigate the complex system of mental health care.

Sandra helps clients navigate the process of acquiring disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, provides assistance for clients applying for ABLE accounts or setting up special needs trust funds, and assists clients in applying for health insurance or appealing denied claims.

Sandra is knowledgable about local, state, and federal social service agencies and is adept at helping clients negotiate with schools and universities, collection agencies, employers, and pharmaceutical companies. If all of that sounds overwhelming to you, you have struck on the exact reason why Sandra is passionate about her work and why we had her on the show!

For seventeen years, Sandra has worked in the field of advocacy and became a Disability Representative seven years ago. As the mother of a child born with an orphan disease, Sandra is passionate about working with the disabled population and their families. She has a special affinity for those with mental health issues, cognitive deficits, and those on the autism spectrum.

Ms. Warren’s focus is to acquire, optimize, and protect federal and state benefits within the context of promoting independent living. She is in private practice in Western North Carolina. Ms. Warren can be contacted at or 828-440-1188 and offers 1-hour consultations for anyone in need of her support.