First, Kate Spade and, then, Anthony Bourdain! Two famous and successful people whose lives apparently became so distraught and disconnected that, perhaps in an impulsive moment, they decided to commit suicide. We also have today’s New York Times article: “Defying Prevention Efforts, Suicide Rates Are Climbing Across the Nation” by journalist Benedict Carey who is dedicated to identifying and finding solutions to troublesome social and mental health issues.

Ben’s article points out that suicide rates have increased 25% in 20 years. His article points to some of the reasons for the increase; please read and allow the article to evoke a response in you about what you can do to help prevent suicide.

The first reason Ben lists for the increase in suicide is social isolation. We are becoming a nation of the lonely and the divided.

We can do something about this, one community at a time.

We need to pay attention to our ‘communities’, namely our neighborhood, family, religious congregation, high school or college, civic or professional association, workplace, hospital or mental health recovery center, etc. We need to nurture the attributes of health and healing in each of the communities that support us and that we are a part of.

Download Our Guide To Assessing Community In Any Setting

Linked below is our guide to immediately help you do this; your effort will reduce social isolation in your community.

We have tested this guide, used it, and refined it in multiple settings across the country. It produces a simple and powerful dialogue that always – yes, always – improves connection and the sense of community amongst those who participate.

Our Guide To Reducing Social Isolation

Improve Your Community’s Capacity To Reduce Social Isolation By Paying Attention To The Attributes Of Healing Community

If you use our guide, please let us know how it worked. This is a process in progress, our modest effort to try to push back into the dark spaces of loneliness and despair and call forth light and hope.

Also, if you have ideas of your own about how we can reduce social isolation, please let us know and we will share it with others as well in our Blog and Social Media outreach efforts.

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